Who Skandar is

This is Skandar Keynes' official website. In his childhood Skandar Keynes was an actor whose first notable film part was at the age of ten playing the part of Enzo Ferrari as a child in the film Enzo Ferrari, directed by Carlo Carlei and produced by Duemila.

In 2004, at the age of twelve he was cast to play Edmund Pevensie in the films based on the seven classic children’s books by C.S. Lewis The Chronicles of Narnia. The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe was released in December 2005 and Prince Caspian was released May 2008. Both films are directed by Andrew Adamson. Skandar reprised the role of Edmund again in Voyage of The Dawn Treader directed by Michael Apted and released in December 2010.


Skandar graduated in Middle East Studies from Pembroke College, Cambridge in 2014 and is not pursuing a career in acting.